Jannis Erotic Jewellerypresents:
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(Chastity Belt) S02

Parts of the design can be changed on customer request.
No two G-Strings are alike!
This piece includes a silver plate, roughly in the shape of a triangle, which covers the (neatly trimmed) pubic hair area. This plate can vary in design, from a plain triangle mounted with a personalised geometric motif, to an elaborate fantasy design. Fixed to the plate is a silver wire-loop, gently parting the inner and outer labia and opening the clitoris hood. In the centre of that loop is the attachment for the Chinese loveball - a silver ball on a chain, to insert in the vagina, with a moving ball-bearing inside. Also connected is a bumplug.


Above and right the last sold look. A Silver demon with 14ct gold nose ring, eye rims and horn cuffs. Synthetic Rubies for eyes and opal earring.
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