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Special Pieces
Nipple Jewellery
Prices in this list are only a guide line for people interested in contemporary jewellery, since Jannis Erotic Jewellery is not a business but an art form!

Special Pieces

                                additional material        EU€
     S01  The Protector         14ct                      2100
     S02  Demon G-String        synth.Ruby/Opal/14ct      1250
     S03  Symbol G-String                                  850
     S04  Adam and Eve Tiara                               N/A
     S05  Machine Breast Plate                             680
     S06  Leather Choker        Leather/14ct               360
     S07  Silver Armband        Cubic Zirconia (like S21)  150
     S08  Upper Armband         Dumortierite              sold
     S09  Wristband             Malachite                   nA
     S10  Chain Upper Armband                              290
     S11  SD Church Badge       18ct                       N/A
     S12  Loveball                               discountinued
     S13  Bumplug                                discountinued
     S14  Snake Of Paradise                               1150
     S15  Starsystem Amethyst                              950
     S16  Bondage Belt Buckle   zinc cast!                  30
     S17  Cigarette Lighter Cases   solid st. silv   pair 1150
     S18  Super Loveball 'Patricia'                        400
     S19m  Erotic Candle Holder male                       290
     S19f  Erotic Candle Holder female                     320
     S20  Anal Trainer Set     Perspex in wooden box       450
     S21  Zirconia Cock Ring   Cubic Zirconia              150
     S22  Gemstone Cock Ring   14ct, 6xRubies, 6xEmeralds  520
     S23  Alien Locket         synSapphires,SynRuby,brass sold
     S24  Opal Watch  MatrixBolderOpal,Caddy Design Watch sold
     S25  Drinking Horn Holder optional gems	           380
     S26  Slave Collar         Leather,Brass,Padlock       370
     S27  Foot Chain with Devils Logo                       95
     S28  Gorgon Dagger	       BolderOpal, steel          1750
          Silver Chain 2mm     (quote length 40 to 70cm)    28
          Silver Chain 3mm     (quote length 40 to 70cm)    48
          Silver Chain 4mm     (quote length 40 to 70cm)    85


                                additional material        EU€
     P01  Sword                 14ct                       160
     P02  Batdagger             Synth. Sapphire            170
     P03  Muscle Man                                       240
     P04  Dagger Girl           nat.ruby/14ct              235
     P05  Ceremony Dagger       synth. Sapphire            250
     P06  Birth Of Venus        Lapis Lazuli               170
     P07  Moon Over Venus       Agate                      175
     P08  Eyes Of The Pyramid   Catseye Chrysoberyl       sold
     P09  Loops                 Amber                      170
     P10  Mirror Girl                                      125
     P11  Mirror Anchor                                    125
     P12  Mirror Boy                                       125
     P13  Mirror Devil                                     125
     P14  Fish Bones            Tourmaline Quartz/14ct    sold
     P15  Green Sun             Malachite                  190
     P16  Eye Of Horus                                      40
     P17  Pentagram                                         49
     P18  Thor Hammer                                       90
     P19  Battle Axe                                       190
     P20  WaspPrince Broche Tourmaline,RutilQuartz,synRuby 220
     P21  Tourmaline Neauvox    Tourmaline                  90
     P22  Devils Skull Head                                 90
     P23  Snow White's Mirror   Onyx                      sold
     P24  Lightning             Glass                      230
     P25  Chain Christina                                  280
     P26  Cross                 Calcite                   sold
     P27  T-Shirt silver        Routilized Quartz/14ct     235
     P28  Green Lantern         Malachite/Lapis            180
     P29  T-Shirt gold          Landscape Agat             520
     P30  Flaming Heart         MatrixBolderOpal/14ct     sold
     P31  Opal Ammonite         MatrixBolderOpal/14ct     sold
     P32  Opal Crown            MatrixBolderOpal/14ct      675
     P33  Pirate's Helm	  synth.Ruby/Sapphire,Zirconia    sold


                                additional material        EU€
     R01  Baron Ring            Smoky Quartz/14ct          280
     R02  Baroness Ring         Rutile Quartz              165
     R03  Square Band           Amethyst                   210
     R04  Square Band           2x Amethyst                230
     R05  Frog Prince           14ct                       145
     R06  Sorcerer              Topaz                      390
     R07  Princess              14ct                       160
     R08  Gold Band             14ct                       160
     R09  Stairway To Heaven    14ct                       160
     R10  Girl Symbol           14ct                        85
     R11  Boy Symbol            14ct                        85
     R13  Erotic Poison Box     14ct                       250
     R14  Secret Poison Box     Agate                      320
     R15  Shark Fin             14ct                       215
     R16  Red Back Spider       Copper                      95
     R17  Devils Head                                      180
          Wedding Rings         Tantalum/Red Gold 18ct     N/A
     R18  Alien Starship        14ct star ruby             580
     R19  Alien Shuttlecraft    14ct synth. ruby           245
     R20  The Story Of O                                   130
     R21  Warp Core             Moonstone                  210
     R22  He-Goat                                           95
     R23  RGB                 synth. ruby,sapphire,emerald 240
     R24  Twisted Gold    18ct red(pink)gold, nat.sapphire 480
     R26  Nuts & Bolts          14ct                       240
     R27  Pyramid Of Labrador   Labradorite            210sold
     R28  FlowerOpal            14ct                       220
     R29  GentleOpal            14ct                       330
     R29  Knight's Castle       14ct                      sold 

Earrings (pairs)

                                additional material        EU€
     E01  Ceremony Dagger       synth.Sapphire             190
     E02  Gold Pearl On Triangle  14ct                      95
     E03  Gold Pearl On Triangle  14ct                      95
     E04  Gold Pearl On Triangle  14ct                      95
     E05  Gold Pearl On Triangle  14ct                      95
     E06  Hemisphere Creole                                115
     E08  Lovers       (each combination)             pair 115
     E08Au Lovers in solid 14ct Gold                       145
     E09  Silver Ribbon                                     45
     E10  Daggers                 14ct                      95
     E11  Bells                                            125
     E12  Fish                                             210
     E13  Haematite Stud (single)                           45

Nipple Jewellery (single price)

                                 additional material       EU€
     N01  Classic with Cubes     Sterling Silver            95
          Classic with Cubes     14ct white or yellow gold 220
          Classic with Cubes     18ct white or yellow gold 290
     N02  Semicircle with Balls                             95
     N03  Semicircle with Waves                             95
     N04  Vertical                                         110
     N05  S/M                                              110
     N06  Semicircle with Zirconia                          95
     N07  Spiral Nipple Shield                             120
     N10  Nipple Shield+ Goldcorona 14ct                   160
     N11  Machine Nipple Shield                            100
     N12  Goth Nipple Shield                               130
     N13  Hooters 14ctGold       Zirconia                  160
     N14  Tribal Nipple Shield                             130
 N15  Tiger Nipple Shield 14ct                          


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