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For a long time now I think that diver's watches are boring and Swatches are lacking the necessary impact.
I'm wearing for years my famous "Captured Time" watch which stops time from flying....
I've also created a silver arm band for a ladies watch, featuring little dicks (if you want to interpret the 'pattern' that way?)
And a bangle modification with a small digital watch. Check out the owners design fetish fashion site
Latest piece: The Fairy-Tail-Watch. Build around a clockwork by a recently busy rubber company. The spines are still rubber mounted.



The latest creation  in the Aliens look series is the Space Station Watch. Check out the Alien Starship and Shuttlecraft Rings as well as the Opal Ammonite Pendant and the Alien Locket
It is a hollow piece chased into silver sheet and features brass rim and brows over the synthetic sapphire eyes. The red watch is side mounted just like the engines of the rings.
The wide open mouth also suggests the interpretation of this piece as the TIME EATER.
The Watch is by Caddy Design
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