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Please note that all pieces displayed here are strictly not for sale. They are one-off and have been sold. I added them here to show you some more of my unique work.
However: If you get inspired by any of these pieces let me know and we can discuss design possibilities and prices.
Also of interest should be the Watches.


Who knows me, knows my Devils Bracelet. 160g of chased silver, produced long before I became a professional.
Includes 2mm natural Ruby earring, 14ct eyes

My latest creation. 
Hollow construction. 120g, hidden hinges. Australian boulder opal.
Produced: August 2000
Owner: Mum

Upper armband with cut blue glass.
Produced: January 1994
Owner: Madame Lash

Plain upper armband.
Produced: January 1994
Owner: Sophi

A hinged silver wrist band, 6.5cm high, with a malachite in the centre.
Produced: March 1996
Owner: Mum

Wrist band chased in sterling silver with two hinges.
Produced: November 1998
Owner: Bine007

Plain wristlet without hinge.
Produced: 1991
Owner: Frank

Wristlet with amethyst, initials and brass borders
Produced: December 1993
Owner: Maria Russo

Upper arm snake with 14ct gold eyes, tongue and 'glasses'.
Produced: December 1992
Owner: Jörg Fucking

Slave bangle with ring for attachments.
Two halves of solid silver wire getting permanently riveted around the wrists.
Produced: May 1995
Owner: Meaghann

Produced: February 1995
Owner: Tim

Solid upper armband in style of Indonesian double daggers.
Includes 4 haematite and 2 tiger-eye. Produced: January 1994
Owner: Torquil

Two plain bangles.
Produced: December 1995
Owner: Jörg Fucking

Bangle with cubic zirconia.
Produced: July 1997
Owner: Anita

Upper Arm Snake in two production stages.
Produced: January 2004
Owner: Daylene Dacus
Check out the Satisfied Customer page on this item

Wrist band in silver.
Produced: December 1992
Owner: Ulla Lauer

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