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Kits or "fully assembled" available now!

Well, in case you did wonder, why you haven't seen any new and amazing jewellery pieces from me lately, here is the answer:

six legged (or hexapod) walker robot

I spent the 3 northern summer month in Los Angeles working on a music project with Genevieve and a new Didgeridoo track. I also caught up with an old friend of mine from Berlin. Marcus Fink is now working with his company Subsonic Steel for the Hollywood film industry. His animated creatures have been used in music clips and horror movies!

High polished "Hollywood Version"

On of his latest creations, the completely autarkic ant robot was waiting for its brains when I arrived in his amazing work shop. All pieces had been cut from sheet aluminium on his in-house cnc-cutting machine.

In two weeks an ATMEL AVR Mega8 micro controller had been mounted and controlled the 12 servo motors moving the six legs. The servos are of-the-shelf model craft items. Pulse width modulated signals; if you need to know.
This amazing chip family is capable of running up to 32 servos without any additional electronic devices. Just plug the servo to a pin, add the 5V voltage and of you go.

Plus a little bit of programming that is! I wrote the software in AVR-assembler using only the free Atmel Studio4 without the need of a programming board. The chip's program can be updated by directly accessing the programming pins say from your printer port. (ISP)

Ant-Robot video clip
5MByte .AVI video clip of moving ant

My time in LA was up before I could finish the Infra Red tele-control reception using a household TV-control. In September I was working as head mechanist for a theatre production at the Acropolis in Athens.

Back in Berlin Mathias Lau was so kind to let me finish the project on his ant-robot. Currently possible is the IR-tele-control of 9 moving styles and speed control.

"Berlin Ant"

Amazing to see, that everyone seems to have his/her idea for extensions. Improving mechanics or adding claws or a scorpion tail, a moving head with solar panel and battery charger, search patterns on the PC;  to name just a few!

And there is space for all of that. The mechanics can be build in short time from Subsonic Steel in LA, the software is fully documented by me and the chips tutorials are available for free from ATMEL's homepage Forget this Japanese doggy! You learn its tricks and that's it. Here you can really teach new moves.

To place your order for your personal Ant-Robot pet or for software inquiries please contact me at:

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For a demonstration in the LA area contact Subsonic Steel at

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